How can the engineer resolve the issue?

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Scenario: A Citrix Engineer has deployed four NetScaler MPXs with the following network configuration:

-Management traffic is on VLAN 5 (NSIP).

-Application and server traffic is on VLAN 10 (SNIP).

The engineer added the NetScaler Management and Analytics System (NMAS) interface to VLAN 10 to deploy a NMAS High Availability (HA) pair to manage and monitor the applications and virtual servers. After doing so, the engineer is NOT able to see the NetScaler or applications that need to be managed.

How can the engineer resolve the issue?
A . Configure VLAN 5 as NSVLAN 5
B . Move the NMAS interface to VLAN 5
C . Configure VLAN 5 as NSSYNC VLAN
D . Bind SNIP to VLAN 5

Answer: A

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