Online DELL EMC DES-6322 Exam Questions

Preparing for your Specialist-Implementation Engineer-VxRail Exam DES-6322 exam? We provide the latest online DELL EMC DES-6322 exam questions, which can help you pass the two parts in DELL EMC certification DES-6322 exam. DES-6322 exam focuses on the overall product, hardware, and software requirements to implement a VxRail cluster. Share free online DELL EMC DES-6322 exam questions below.

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1. A VxRail Test Plan has been completed What is the protocol for recording the results'?


A VxRail E560F model was delivered six months ago and is now scheduled to be installed with the target code.

What is the correct order of steps to complete this task?

3. An implementation engineer is performing a precheck on a VxRail cluster before expansion. During validation, they find out that the host is not compatible.

Use the VxRail simulator to describe why the host is Incompatible.

Note: It is necessary to close (x) the simulator window before you can select a response to this question.

4. An implementation engineer is logged into the vSphere Client of a recently deployed VxRail cluster They want to review the versions of all the installed VxRail software components.

Which view should they use to gather this information?

5. A systems engineer is performing a VxRail upgrade in a VMware Horizon VDI cluster All hosts are put in Maintenance Mode.

What action does the engineer need to perform on each host once the upgrade has been completed?

6. An implementation engineer is deploying a new VxRail cluster What should they confirm before installing the hardware?

7. An implementation engineer is in the validation phase of a VxRail deployment with two Dell EMC ToR switches.

Which command should they run on each of the ToR switches to validate that Link Aggregation has been configured according to Dell best practices for VxRail node interfaces?

8. Which VxRail model can only be installed with static rack rails?

9. What is a supported witness configuration for a 3+3+1 VxRail Stretched Cluster?

10. When preparing to generate an As-Built Configuration Report, it is determined that the VxRail Configuration JSON file was not saved from the Deployment Wizard.

What actions must be taken to retrieve the JSON file?


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