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You need to use Reporting Services Configuration Manager to configure SSRS to complete the installation on SSRS02.

What should you do? (Each correct answer presents a partial solution. Choose all that apply.)
A . Change the encryption key.
B . Specify the execution account.
C . Join the scale-out deployment.
D . Set the Report Server Web Service UR
F . Set the Report Manager UR
H . Delete the encryption key.

Answer: A, B, E


A: We need to restore a copy of the encryption key from SSRS01. This step is necessary for enabling reversible encryption on pre-existing connection strings and credentials that are already in the report server database.

B: Reporting Services provides a special account that is used for unattended report processing and for sending connection requests across the network. The account is used in the following ways:

/ Send connection requests over the network for reports that use database authentication, or connect to external report data sources that do not require or use authentication.

/ Retrieve external image files that are used in report. If you want to use an image file and the file cannot be accessed through Anonymous access, you can configure the unattended report processing account and grant the account permission to access the file.

E: Example:

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