Which tool should you use?

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Your network contains an Active Directory domain named contoso.com. The domain contains a server named Server 1. Server1 runs Windows Server 2012 R2. You need to create a 3-TB virtual hard disk (VHD) on Server1.

Which tool should you use?
A . New-StoragePool
B . Diskpart
C . File Server Resource Manager (FSRM)
D . New-StorageSubsytemVirtualDisk

Answer: B


You can create a VHD from either the Disk Management snap-in or the command line (diskpart).

From the DiskPart command-line tool at an elevated command prompt, run the create vdisk command and specify the file (to name the file) and maximum (to set the maximum size in megabytes) parameters. The following code demonstrates how to create a VHD file at C:vdisksdisk1.vdh with a maximum file size of 16 GB (or 16,000 MB).


Microsoft DiskPart version 6.1.7100

Copyright (C) 1999-2008 Microsoft Corporation.

On computer: WIN7

DISKPART> create vdisk file="C:vdisksdisk1.vhd" maximum=16000

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