What do you conclude?

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You have installed a new 802.11ac WLAN configured with 80 MHz channels. Users in one area are

complaining about poor performance. This area is currently served by a single AP. You take a spectrum

analysis capture in the poor performing areA. While examining the waterfall plot you notice the airtime

utilization is higher on the first 20 MHz of the 80 MHz channel when compared to the rest of the channel.

What do you conclude?

A. The AP is misconfigured and needs to be reconfigured to 80MHz operation

B. RRM is enabled and has dynamically picked a 20 MHz channel

C. The first 20 MHz is the AP’s primary channel and higher airtime utilization on the primary channel is normal when an AP Is configured for 80 MHz operation

D. Non Wi-Fi interference is preventing the APs 80 MHz operation

Answer: C

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