What should you configure?

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Your network contains an Active Directory forest named adatum.com. All client computers run Windows 10.

You have a deployment of System Center Configuration Manager (Current Branch) that contains a primary site named S01. S01 contains the servers shown in the following table.

You plan to use Configuration Manager to deploy software updates.

You create a software update group named UpdateGroup1.

You need to ensure that you can deploy express installation files to the client computers.

What should you configure?
A . the Software update point Properties of Server1
B . the Distribution point Properties of Server2
C . the Software Update Point Component Properties of S01
D . the Service connection point Properties of Server3

Answer: A


References: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/sccm/sum/deploy-use/manage-express-installation-files-for-windows-10-updates

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