2021 Updated Cisco 350-201 Exam Actual Questions

Cisco certification 350-201 exam actual questions have been updated, which are the best preparation material for you to clear 350-201 test. Cisco CyberOps Professional 350-201 CBRCOR exam is a 120-minute test that is associated with the Cisco CyberOps Professional Certification. Share some free updated Cisco 350-201 CBRCOR exam actual questions below.

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1. An engineer is utilizing interactive behavior analysis to test malware in a sandbox environment to see how the malware performs when it is successfully executed. A location is secured to perform reverse engineering on a piece of malware .

What is the next step the engineer should take to analyze this malware?

2. An employee abused PowerShell commands and script interpreters, which lead to an indicator of compromise (IOC) trigger. The IOC event shows that a known malicious file has been executed, and there is an increased likelihood of a breach .

Which indicator generated this IOC event?

3. Refer to the exhibit.

An engineer is analyzing this Vlan0386-int12-117.pcap file in Wireshark after detecting a suspicious network activity. The origin header for the direct IP connections in the packets was initiated by a google chrome extension on a WebSocket protocol. The engineer checked message payloads to determine what information was being sent off-site but the payloads are obfuscated and unreadable .

What does this STIX indicate?

4. An engineer receives a report that indicates a possible incident of a malicious insider sending company information to outside parties .

What is the first action the engineer must take to determine whether an incident has occurred?


Drag and drop the phases to evaluate the security posture of an asset from the left onto the activity that happens during the phases on the right.

6. An organization had several cyberattacks over the last 6 months and has tasked an engineer with looking for patterns or trends that will help the organization anticipate future attacks and mitigate them .

Which data analytic technique should the engineer use to accomplish this task?

7. Refer to the exhibit.

Which command was executed in PowerShell to generate this log?

8. An organization had an incident with the network availability during which devices unexpectedly malfunctioned. An engineer is investigating the incident and found that the memory pool buffer usage reached a peak before the malfunction .

Which action should the engineer take to prevent this issue from reoccurring?

9. An engineer detects an intrusion event inside an organization’s network and becomes aware that files that contain personal data have been accessed .

Which action must be taken to contain this attack?


Drag and drop the cloud computing service descriptions from the left onto the cloud service categories on the right.


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