C_TS410_2020 SAP Certified Application Associate Study Questions

To take SAP Certified Application Associate C_TS410_2020 exam, you will have the core knowledge about business processes and their integration in SAP S/4HANA 2020. We have cracked the latest SAP certification C_TS410_2020 study questions, which are the best guides for you to test C_TS410_2020 topics: SAP S/4HANA Basics, Core Finance: Management Accounting (CO), Design to Operate Processing, SAP Project Systems (PS), and so on. Share some free SAP certification C_TS410_2020 study questions below.

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1. What is required for picking in SAP Extended Warehouse Management?

2. Which document post directly to the universal journal? There are THREE correct answers for this Question

3. What are the process steps in corrective maintenance?

4. You purchase raw materials with a purchase order against an internal order. During which process step are journal entries posted?

5. Which of the following organizational levels are defined in SAP S/4HANA Finance? There are TWO correct answers for this Question

6. In your warehouse, you want to ensure that material is put away in the ideal bin to improve efficiency.

What SAP Extended Warehouse Management feature do you implement?

7. What master data in the activity type is used to post an activity allocation?

8. Which processes can be automatically performed when you post an order confirmation for a production order? There are THREE correct answers for this Question

9. Whatgeneral ledger account information is defined at the chart of accounts level? There are TWO correct answers for this Question.

10. What is document splitting used for?


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