GCP-GC-ADM Genesys Cloud Certified Professional Exam Questions

Genesys Cloud Certified Professional-Contact Center Administration GCP-GC-ADM exam is easy for you to pass now. The new cracked GCP-GC-ADM Genesys Cloud Certified Professional exam questions can help you test all the related topics. There are 60 Q&As in the new updated GCP-GC-ADM exam dumps. After you study all the GCP-GC-ADM exam questions and answers, you can pass the test easily. Share some Genesys Cloud Certified Professional GCP-GC-ADM exam free questions below.

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1. Select the categories of Prompts in Architect. (Choose two.)

2. If you navigate away from the page without saving the Script, you will not lose any work you have completed.

3. Which of the Performance views shows real-time data with historical metrics to give you both short term and

long-term views?

4. Which of the following media types can be selected when creating a report? (Choose three.)

5. Which definition matches the After Call Work option Mandatory, Time-boxed no early exit?

6. Your contact center wants to track the outcome of calls and chats .

What can be configured within Genesys Cloud to provide this functionality?

7. What additional functionality will your business have by setting up and using ACD Messaging in your contact center?

8. Select and assign interactions for calibration

9. What is the Alerting Timeout with regard to Queue configuration?

10. What Genesys Cloud feature can you use to present details about a caller to the agent and allow the agent to update or collect information?


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