New Updated Huawei H12-261 Training Material

Once you earn HCIE-Routing & Switching certification, you will have a comprehensive and thorough understanding of large networks, including technologies used in complex large and medium-sized networks, and the ability to design various enterprise networks independently and implement those designs using Huawei routing and switching devices. H12-261 exam is a written test for HCIE Routing and Switching certification. We just updated Huawei certification H12-261 exam questions, which can guarantee you success. Share some free updated Huawei HCIE Routing & Switching H12-261 training material below.

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1. Huawei S series switches, If you need to specify a member switch as the stack master switch, you can power on this first switch 20 and then to the other members of the power switch.

2. Which of the following description of the 802.1s deployment features is correct?

3. Which of the following description on BCP properties is correct?

4. About BGP Union, which of the following description is wrong?

5. When the ABR is NSSA region of the 5/7 type LSA when changing dedicated router, then the ABR can 7 classes LSA converted from 5 classes LSA polymerization.

6. As shown in the following figure, R1 and R2 establish the neighbor relationship of Level2. Which of the following statement about the R3 route entry is correct? (Multiple choice)

图形用户界面, 文本, 应用程序, 电子邮件


7. Which of the following statement about the Router-LSA of OSPFv3 is correct? (Multiple choice)

8. When judging LSA is old or new, will use the serial number of the reference models and age parameters, which the following statements about the two parameters are correct? (Multiple choice)

9. Command ip ip-prefix ip-prefix-name [index indexnumber{permit|deny}ipv4-address mask-length if a prefix list of less-equst has been specified, but greater-equal is not specified, then what is the scope of the prefix?

10. Which property subject to the following two conditions?

(1) BGP router A can choose whether to carry this attribute in the Update message.

(2) if the router B receives the packet's attribute Update packet, router B cannot recognize the property, but will also contain the property Update message is advertised by the curved path to c router c possible to identify and use The attribute. (Multiple choice)


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