[Updated Version] Netapp Certification NS0-003 Online Questions

Good news for those candidates who want to take Netapp certification NS0-003 exam, we just updated NetApp certified technology associate NS0-003 exam online questions. All of the updated Netapp NS0-003 exam updated questions can help you study the following topics: Infrastructure Concepts, NetApp Data Storage Software, NetApp Cloud Solutions and NetApp Hybrid Cloud Value Proposition. Share some free updated Netapp NS0-003 exam online questions below.

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1. What is an advantage of server virtualization from a maintenance perspective?

2. Which three benefits does Astra provide? (Choose three.)

3. Your existing virtual environment is stored on a NetApp AFF array. You want to reduce the capacity utilization on this array while taking advantage of highly scalable cloud storage.

Which ONTAP feature should you enable to satisfy these requirements?

4. Which two technologies enable business continuity during a site failure? (Choose two.)

5. Your business has access to on-premises applications and decides to distribute some of the workload onto a public cloud provider.

In this scenario, what is this architecture called?

6. Which ONTAP technology is the foundation for SnapMirror?

7. Which replication technology is managed using OnCommand Cloud Manager?

8. OnCommand Cloud Manager would be used to manage which three NetApp storage resources? (Choose three.)

9. Which statement is true regarding application containerization?

10. Which three NetApp data mobility products are used to migrate data into the cloud? (Choose three.)


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