Following is information related banks:

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Following is information related banks:

Auckland Ltd is a public sector bank operating with about 120 branches across India. The bank has been in business since 1971 and has about 40% branches in rural areas and about 75% of all branches are in

Western India. On the basis of the size, Auckland Ltd will be ranked at number 31 amongst 40 banks in India.

Although top management has appointment period of 5 years, generally they retire on ach sieving age of 60 years with an average tenure of only 2 years at the top job.

Profit and Loss Account

Balance Sheet

The rating wise break-up of assets for FY11 is as follows:

Cost to income ratio is best for which year
A . FY13
B . FY11
C . Same FY11 and FY12
D . FY12

Answer: A

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