Updated Nutanix NCP-MCI-5.15 Exam Actual Questions in July

Nutanix Certified Professional NCP-MCI-5.15 exam updated actual questions contain 280 Q&As, which are the best material for you to test the following topics: Nutanix Enterprise Cloud Concept, Managing a Nutanix cluster, Securing a Nutanix Cluster, Networking, VM Creation and Management, Health Monitoring and Alerts, Distributed Storage Fabric, Acropolis Storage Services, Data Resiliency, Data Protection, Prism Central and Lifecycle Operations. Share some free updated Nutanix certification NCP-MCI-5.15 exam actual questions below.

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1. the analysis dashboard allows you to create which 2 type of charts? (Choose two)

2. Which two targets are valid options when selecting a Remote Site in Prism? (Choose two)

3. What certificate must be installed on the cluster to support client certificates?

4. When does Nutanix recommend performing an AHV upgrade?

5. An administrator needs to determine current CPU usage across multiple clusters

Which method should the administrator use to get the information?

6. which cli is used to run this command? (cluster version)

7. An administrator has been tested with storing Nutanix snapshots at an off-premises location. The administrator does not have a second Nutanix cluster to use.

Which two servers could be utilized as remote sites for snapshots? (Choose two)

8. An administrator is preparing to migrate VMs from a legacy ESXi cluster to a new AHV cluster.

Which action must be the administrator perform on the AHV cluster to migrate VM data?

9. what ahv provides hot spot detection and invokes live migration?

10. A VM user permanently deletes a directory on a guest VM. The Nutanix administrator has enabled Self-Services for this VM.

Which three steps must the administrator perform to restore the directory? (Choose Three)


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