Which SQL statement should you use?

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You are developing a SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) package that imports data into a data warehouse. You add an Execute SQL task to the control flow. The task must execute a simple INSERT statement.

The task has the following requirements:

• The INSERT statement must use the value of a string package variable. The variable name is StringVar.

• The Execute SQL task must use an OLE DB Connection Manager.

In the Parameter Mapping tab of the Execute SQL task, StringVar has been added as the only parameter.

You must configure the SQLStatement property of the Execute SQL task.

Which SQL statement should you use?
A . INSERT INTO dbo.Table (variablevalue) VALUES ($StringVar)
B . INSERT INTO dbo.Table (variablevalue) VALUES (0)
C . INSERT INTO dbo.Table (variablevalue) VALUES (@0)
D . INSERT INTO dbo.Table (variablevalue) VALUES (?)

Answer: D



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