• All now applications that require relational database support must use Microsoft SQL Server ?

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Topic 7, Fabrikam, Inc (Case B)

Fabrikam is a manufacturing company. You manage an on-premises Microsoft Exchange Server environment as well as an Exchange Online environment that is se: up as a hybrid environment for the Fabnkam.com and devfabrikamxom domains. The company recently merged with lailSpin Toys. They have also bought another company named Contoso Ltd. There are no plans to merge with Contoso Ltd. as that company s resources will remain separate from Fabrikam. Inc.


Fabrikam, Inc. has two separate Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS) domains. The domain named fabrikam.com is used for production. The domain named devfabfikam.com is used for development only. TailSpin Toys has an AD DS domain named tdilspmtoys.com. Contoso Ltd. has an AD DS domain twined contoso.com.

The development environment is used to deploy new features that are being tested for implementation in the production environment. No features can be deployed into production until they ha<je been fully tested in the development environment. There is a "hird-party multi-factor authentication MFA) solution that is currently deployed for on premises sign ins in the dovfabfikam.com domain. You are investigating different single sign on(SSO) options including Active Directory Federations Services (AD FS) for the devfabrikam.com domain.

Fabrikara Inc. is completing its merger with TailSpin Toys and is decommissioning the Iailspintoys.com namespace and moving those users lo fabnkam.com.

Fabrikam has Microsoft Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) Connect configured and has integrated both the fabnkam.com and devfabrikam.com domains with Office 365. SSO is configured for both the fabrikam.com and devtabrikam.com domains.

Office 365

The Office 365 environment must meet the following requirements:

• SSO most be used for all Office 365 authentication in production and development environments for all domains.

• Sign in time restrictions must be enabled for all contoso.com users in the Office 365 environment.

• Exchange Online must be used for all production employee mailboxes.

• The on premises contoso.com domain must be integrated with Office 365.

• Contoso.com must be used for the primary namespace in Office 365 for Contoso Ltd. employees.


The server infrastructure must meet the following requirements:

Production environment

• All now applications that require relational database support must use Microsoft SQL Server ?016.

• All new projects must minimize the number of servers required.

• All new projects must minimize the complexity of the design and topology of the server infrastructure.

• All externally facing servers must be deployed in a perimeter network-

• All new server deployments should be redundant when possible.

Development environment

• The development environment must support workplace join.

• On premises MFA must be used for all development accounts.


Users report that they receive many unwanted emails. You need to a create a list of the users that receive the most unwanted emails, and a list of the senders of these emails. This report information needs to be automatically collected daily. Users also report the following issues:

• The mailbox named [email protected] is hosted in the on-premises Exchange Servers. This user is not able to view free/busy for [email protected]. Test User1 has issues viewing free/busy from both Microsoft Outlook 2016 on a desktop computer as well as the Outlook app on a mobile device.

• The [email protected] account has a mailbox that is hosted in the Exchange Online environment

• The AlexSimmons^fabnkam.com is hosted in Exchange Online. Alex reports Outlook 2016 issues. The client application starts up and connects to his mailbox, but it will then crash after a few minutes.

• The mailbox named [email protected] is hosted in Exchange Online. An Exchange Online mailbox database issue affected Lola and some other users in the human resources department. You need to troubleshoot client connectivity issues with Lola s mailbox

• The mailbox named Sarah.Jones@fabrikam com account is hosted in Exchange Online. Sarah reports that emails that she sends are not being received. You must inspect emails that Sarah has sent recently to investigate the issue.

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You need to implement the integration between Active Directory and Office 365 for the new domain.

Solution: Create a tenant for tailspintoys.com. Perform a Custom installation of Azure AD Connect.

Does the solution meet the goal?
A . Yes
B . No

Answer: B

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