Which report solution should you choose?

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A company has an Office 365 tenant. You implement two-factor authentication for all users. You hire an employee named User1 to track service usage and status.

User1 must be able to monitor the status of the services over a period of time by using a report. User1 does not have administrator access.

You need to provide a report for User1.

Which report solution should you choose?
A . downloadable spreadsheet
B . REST reporting web service
C . reporting Windows PowerShell cmdlets
D . Office 365 admin center

Answer: B


The Office 365 Reporting web service enables developers to integrate information on email and spam, antivirus activity, compliance status, and Skype for Business Online activities into their custom service reporting applications and web portals.

All the reports available in the admin portal, within the downloadable Microsoft Excel spreadsheets, and those accessed through Windows PowerShell cmdlets, are accessible using the Reporting web service.

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