What should you do?

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You need to configure the Scenario attribute to ensure that business users appropriately query the Sales Plan measure.

What should you do? (Each correct answer presents part of the solution. Choose all that apply.)
A . Set the AttributeHierarchyVisible property to False.
B . Set the IsAggregatable property to False.
C . Set the Usage property to Parent.
D . set the DefaultMember property to the Forecast member.
E . Set the AttributeHierarchyEnabled property to False.
F . Set the RootMemberIf property to ParentIsMissing.

Answer: C, D


The Sales measure group is based on the FactSales table. The Sales Plan measure group is based on the FactSalesPlan table. The Sales Plan measure group has been configured with a multidimensional OLAP (MOLAP) writeback partition. Both measure groups use MOLAP partitions, and aggregation designs are assigned to all partitions.

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