Which tool or tools should you use?

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You need to select an appropriate tool for creating the Regional Sales report.

Which tool or tools should you use? (Each correct answer presents a complete solution. Choose all that apply.)
A . Excel 2010, using the CUBE functions
B . Power View, using a Matrix
C . Excel 2010, using a PivotTable
D . Report Builder, using a Matrix

Answer: B, C, D


B: Working with a matrix in Power View

A matrix is a type of visualization that is similar to a table in that it is made up of rows and columns. However, a matrix can be collapsed and expanded by rows and/or columns. If it contains a hierarchy, you can drill down/drill up.

C: Using an Excel Pivot Table, connecting to the Cube, will give you the option to drill down the cube. Using conditional formatting you can highlight specific value ranges.

D: Matrices provide functionality similar to crosstabs and pivot tables. At run time, as the report data and data regions are combined, a matrix grows horizontally and vertically on the page. Values in matrix cells display aggregate values scoped to the intersection of the row and column groups to which the cell belongs. You can format the rows and columns to highlight the data you want to emphasize. You can also include drilldown toggles that initially hide detail data; the user can then click the toggles to display more or less detail as needed.

* From scenario:

Management has requested a new report named Regional Sales. This report must be based on the Sales cube and must allow users to filter by a specific year and present a grid with every region on the columns and the Products hierarchy on the rows. The hierarchy must initially be collapsed and allow the user to drill down through the hierarchy to analyze sales. Additionally, sales values that are less than $5000 must be highlighted in red.

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