Which attribute should you recommend modifying?

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You run the Get-DNSServer cmdlet on DC01 and receive the following output:


You need to recommend changes to DC01.

Which attribute should you recommend modifying?
A . EnablePollutionProtection
B . isReadOnly
C . Locking Percent
D . ZoneType

Answer: C


* Scenario: The DNS servers must be prevented from overwriting the existing DNS entries that have been stored in cache.

* Cache locking is configured as a percent value. For example, if the cache locking value is set to 50, then the DNS server will not overwrite a cached entry for half of the duration of the TTL. By default, the cache locking percent value is 100. This means that cached entries will not be overwritten for the entire duration of the TTL. The cache locking value is stored in the CacheLockingPercent registry key. If the registry key is not present, then the DNS server will use the default cache locking value of 100.

Reference: DNS Cache Locking

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