Which code segment should you use?

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You are developing a customer web form that includes following HTML.

<input id="txtValue"/>

You need to develop the form so that customers can enter only a valid country code consisting of three English alphabet characters.

Which code segment should you use?

A . Option A
B . Option B
C . Option C
D . Option D

Answer: C


* The val() method returns or sets the value attribute of the selected elements.

* HTML <input> pattern Attribute

The pattern attribute specifies a regular expression that the <input> element’s value is checked against.


An HTML form with an input field that can contain only three letters (no numbers or special characters):

<form action="demo_form.asp">

Country code: <input type="text" name="country_code"

pattern="[A-Za-z]{3}" title="Three letter country code">

<input type="submit">


Reference: HTML <input> pattern Attribute


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