Which CSS selector should you use?

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You are implementing an application by using HTML5 and JavaScript.

A web page contains the following HTML table.

The application must:

• Identify all rows in the table body that have a class attribute of selected

• Exclude the last selected row in the table

You need to implement the web page according to the requirements.

Which CSS selector should you use?
A . tr:not(tr:last-child).selected < #dataTable
B . #dataTable > tr.selected:not(tr:last-child)
C . #dataTable tbody tr.selected:not(tr:last-child)
D . #dataTable tr.selected:not(tr:last-child)

Answer: C


* [attribute]


Selects all elements with a target attribute

* :not(selector)


Selects every element that is not a <p> element

Reference: CSS Selector Reference

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